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Crazy For Ikat

I’m currently obsession over ikat print. I can’t get enough!

You Can Have Anything

On the eve of Friday, before you pull what to wear tomorrow, just remember one thing…there’s nothing stopping you from getting what you truly want.

Go get ’em, tigress!

❤ Elisa


Fabiola Arias is a young designer who has taken the fashion world on a joy ride through nature. Her dresses inspire dreams of a secret party in one of France’s secluded gardens, illuminated only by rows of string lights and … Continue reading


Please click on this picture and click on HIT!…because this dress is most definitely a HIT!!

I’ll be writing about Fabiola Arias on a later post. She is an up and coming evening ware designer who has already at a very young age won many accolades. She has just incredibly feminine, sexy and etherial dresses and amazing head pieces which are made by her.

Please check out her website here:



What a beautiful and whimsical wedding. This playful mix of “simply romantic” and “carefree fun” is such an inspiration.