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Pretty soon I’m going to be writing a post reviewing my favorite Etsy shops. 


My last trip to New York ended up being a real culinary treat. My days consisted of waking up, walking to an amazing restaurant, walking some more, resting and then another amazing restaurant. Of course in between there was some sight seeing and  street vendor food sampling. One of the neatest places I had breakfast at was Veselka in the East Village. Veselka is Ukrainian sould food and it has been in the east village for 50 years now. The menu was full of dishes that were new to me…and I just wanted to try everything. The atmosphere was like that of a Sunday morning when the family is gathered around the breakfast table and giddy about the day’s adventures to come. 

Besides eating, another favorite thing to do in New York is walk, walk and walk. It seems like every block has something unique and exciting to offer. There’s always something to look at, a new bakery to sit and relax at and flowers at every corner. I must say, the most beautiful street-corner flowers are in New York. Each time I pass by one I imagine the beautiful homes these flowers could be in, or the smile they will bring to someones face.

Needless to say…I love NY.