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Colors, colors and more COLORS!!

I’ve been interested in making some brightly colored flowers rather than the soft light colored ones I started with. The opportunity finally arose when I got an order for bright bubblegum pink and light pink flowers for a Valentines Day party by amazing party planner Lilly Jimenez from I Heart Sugar Sugar.

Bubblegum Pink

I headed to Pearl with some ideas in mind but hoping something better would just jump out at me…I knew better ideas would come to me while I was in there (As an art school student, I love that place!!).

Mission Bubblegum Pink: COMPLETED

So, I bought about five different products that I thought might work and headed home for some experimenting. I poured equal amounts of water in 5 bowls and got working with a range of products that included food coloring, acrylic paint, airbrush ink and pen ink. I tried four of the five products and was able to get several shades of pink, including the bright pink I was looking for…not bad, right.

However I noticed that after I put the paper through it’s regular drying process the colors would always die down a bit. It’s frustrating because I really love the intensity of the colors while the paper is wet. I knew I had to keep searching for the perfect dye, the one that would give me deep, intense colors.

A couple of days later my creative lightbulb came on…ding!…I decided to use the tie-dye kit I got for Christmas to get a deep blue and if I added pinks then I would surely get some beautiful purples. Since I was already experimenting I also decided to try the one product I hadn’t used while attempting the pink…Rit Dye in powder form. Man, as soon as that powder hit the water I knew I had a winner. I had no idea how powerful Rit dye was! You can even dye plastic !!!! And just look at these beautiful colors I got…

Thank you Rit dye!

Wow, just look at that pink!!…and that deep blue purple!!

I ended up creating about 4 different blues and purples and about 2 pinks. But…(there’s always a but)…even though I did accomplish the intense colors I was looking for I realized they still lose some of that intensity when put through the usual drying process. This means my only option so far is to let the paper dry naturally. This is  inconvenient only because it takes up space and time…lots of time. However, I can’t wait to make some flowers with the new colors. I am crazy excited!

So, tomorrow I’m heading out to Pearl again and checking out what other colors they have available…YEY! As soon as I have some flowers in the new colors made I’ll be sure to post a picture.

Thank you Rit Dye!!

This Tuesday is my birthday so I decided to take the whole week off….YES, the whole week off from my 9-5 and instead work my 7-12AM…and YES, I’m excited!! This means I’ll be trying out new flower projects and posting all about it. Check out my other  flowers here.

By the way, check out how awesome the party from I Heart Sugar Sugar turned out…

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and contact them for any type of party…trust me that you will be so HAPPY HAPPY!!

OK, lovies…see ya laters, toodles!