Nature’s cocktail party

Fabiola Arias is a young designer who has taken the fashion world on a joy ride through nature. Her dresses inspire dreams of a secret party in one of France’s secluded gardens, illuminated only by rows of string lights and the moon’s glow…and of course drinking champagne. Very sensual and ethereal.

It is easy to see her inspiration is nature itself and it’s endless array of colors and textures. Fabiola has already won many accolades and awards, her line is available at Neiman Marcus.

I particularly love the headpieces she uses which are made by her mom. Her parents have always had a great influence on Fabiola and her work, but when you have amazing parents that are also amazing artists the creative juices flow through your veins from the very start.

ModaCYCLE says this about the designer:

A field of exotic flowers was the essence of the new collection of talented young designer Fabiola Arias presented for Fall 2012 at the Americano Hotel. Consisting of entirely dresses, mostly of cocktail length, models disguised as birds of paradise gracefully strode down the short runway. Despite simple silhouettes, these designs were anything but commonplace. Flamingo pink, canary yellow, and robin red lent well to the tropical presentation.

What was so interesting about this collection was ultimately that nothing was as it seemed. Above all, Ms. Arias loves creating her own textures and stated that she starts by “getting common fabrics, cutting it up, shredding it, and stitching it back together to create this rose petal effect.”

Fabiola Arias takes pleasure in designing for “a woman who wants to look like nobody else. She wants to be unique, and is a vibrant and luminous person wearing the most fabulous gowns.”

At the annual Visionaries 2010! Gala at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) with Barbara Tober and Liz Peek

You can view her website here: Fabiola Arias

Headpieces by Anilu Oms


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