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Kitty Art

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Dream Big

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The Mona Lisa

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From DesignSponge.com

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Apparently was from Etsy but link is no longer working. I found it on Pinterest.

Found on Tumblr. No source :{

And lastly…

I know it’s not cat related but I love it as much as I love kitties.

Hope you loved these.



Do you see what I see? Then you must live*play*love in full bloom!


My mom would always say this to me.


My friend and I threw a “Dont need a reason to say I love you” pre-valentine party. We made a cake which we then decorated with my hand made flowers. We made heart-shaped empanadas with cream-cheese¬†and guava filling. They were delicious, warm and flakey.¬†

The cake was regular cake mix but saturated with a condensed milk and Jack Daniel’s reduction. One cake was covered with crushed cookies and the other just had the creamy frosting.