Color lesson

I went to the mall this weekend and it only proved what I was suspecting…COLOR IS IN, people!!! So, this inspired me to do a little color research. Many thanks to the Krylon website for the info. I plan on having fun with color this spring season so I’ll be purchasing lots of spray paint šŸ™‚

Here is some basic color info I’ve put together…I hope you learn and enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend lovies.


4 responses to “Color lesson

  1. Great post! Learned something new today… I had no idea what a triadic color scheme was! Love it!

    • Well, that seems to be the color scheme that is in style at the moment. Just browsing through the internet and at the mall I’ve seen that combination over and over. The most popular colors being purple, red and orange.

  2. LOVE these color boards!! I’m ready for Spring!!!

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