Thrifting Weekend

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research on my flowers. I’m looking to get inspiration from anywhere and one of the things I love doing most when I’m inspired is to go thrift store shopping. When your creative juices are flowing there is no telling what clever ideas you’ll come up with for re-purposing an old forgotten item that has been waiting on a shelf to be given new life.

Here are some examples of fun projects:

One of my favorite sources of ideas and tutorials is Here is their take on making one person’s junk into another person’s cool and funky decorations.


But you’re not limited to funky decorations. You can also find and make purposeful home items. I always seem to find the ugliest paintings I’ve ever seen at thrift stores, but do not disregard these…look at the frames. If the frames have a pretty shape then you can always paint them and make a cool elegant chalkboard or pin board like this one:

 And if you’re lucky to find some beautiful antique plates then you can always make a beautiful dessert or cupcake stand like this one that you will be sure to get plenty of compliments on at parties. Your guests will think you’re just sooo chic.

Tips for a successful thrift store run:

-Look for the detail, shapes, sturdiness of items
-Look past ugly colors
-Think of at least 2 other ways you can use an interesting item
-Buy only what you love
-Have a budget

Check out Apartment Therapy’s DIY link to get ideas on DIY projects.

You can also follow me on Pinterest for more fun ideas and inpiration.
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3 responses to “Thrifting Weekend

  1. Love the owl! Great blog. =)

  2. I need about 100 deer!!!!!! Love you

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